Where Do I Start?

Looking for a fully contained solution that can get you started right away? Our eLLearning courses (available for purchase above) combine videos, interactive presentations, knowledge checks, practical applications, and assessments into an engaging learning experience.

New users of Supply Chain Guru will most likely want to start with our foundational courses. These courses are designed to give the necessary context and develop the requisite skills to level up your supply chain design capabilities. 

If you don’t see a course that meets your specific needs, check out our Instructor-led Training options in US/LATAM and EMEA.

LLamasoft Product Training Can Help You:

- Identify greater supply chain cost savings

- Improve service levels and reduce working capital

- Enable you to engage with your supply chain strategically and tactically

- Promote continuous network improvement

- Simulate inventory flow to evaluate risk and opportunities through multiple scenarios

- Ensure plans are both optimal and feasible

- Facilitate bigger, faster and more complex supply chain and inventory flow models with flexible model building